Diet, exercise and sleep. These are the 3 most important elements of a healthy mind and body. I read an article in the New Yorker (February 27 / March 6, 2017) that explained the latest ideas about sleep. While there is lots of research about the benefits of sleep, we are sleeping about 2 hours less than we did a century ago. Studies show that people with irregular or short sleep cycles are at higher risk for diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and dimentia (including Alzheimer’s).

While certain functions in the body rest, there is still lots of activity during sleep that slows down the aging of brain cells. One scientist in the article said “It’s like a dishwasher that keeps flushing through to wash the dirt away.” Without that nightly wash cycle, toxins can build up and cause problems.

Massage helps some of my clients sleep better. Many clients experience an alpha state, which is that state between being awake and asleep when the frequency of human brain waves match the electrical resonance of the earth. Relaxed and restful, this is a major benefit of massage for many clients. If you are having a problem sleeping, give massage a try. If your problem is severe consult your doctor – there are lots of good ways to find out what is causing you to be wakeful, and some solutions that don’t require medication.